VMobile to invade Cebu City

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VMobile has barely scratched the surface of Cebu market. We are going to invade Cebu very soon. We will put up our regional office there. I don’t actually see any contest or competition with other MLM companies (especially the perceived KIN…G or leading company).

Greatness is achieved not only by numbers but by how the company’s products or services impact the lives of many. There are many personal care products, scalar energy devices, coffee drink products and their alternatives in the market. Any company can launch their own brand of wellness, beverage and jewelry products. The market is bombarded with them today. But VMobile’s advocacy is unique. And it’s about empowerment thru technology and leveraging. Not by selling products alone because that is obviously just 100% of yourself.

We put emphasis on earning 1% of 100 people because that is what empowerment is all about. Thru our empowerment platform, we help people gain the same advantages that only few owners of huge enterprises (such as Telecommunications) enjoy. We don’t just pick any ordinary products. We innovate. We change the established standards. We break into unknown territories. We are the inventor of UNIVERSAL PREPAID LOADING SYSTEM. We are now the recognized leader in that category.

Our future innovations will definitely be free from immediate competition such as Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) service. VMobile may not be the King, but we can be KING MAKER.

I just arrived from Cebu and guess what? I was shocked last night learning that there were 3 people doing the current LX RAP who earned more than P50,000 in just one month. The highest of which is P70K. My reaction was: Whaaaaaat???!!!! The lady who earned P48K in 4 weeks is a novice in Network Marketing and recently resigned from Citibank. Amazing!

After my trip in Cebu i realized something. VMobile has just scratched the surface. It’s a big wide world out there. VMobile will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. To those who love their family and in search of a better life, VMobile is ready to take you in and push you up. We are the leader in empowerment business. Empowerment is our advocacy

- excerpts from Ismael Bengco III

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4 Comments to “VMobile to invade Cebu City”

  • Thank you Mr. Bengco for reconizing me, together with my partners ajoie boaquin and merlo castro.

  • This article was released a day after we Marvelous Grace Boiser Evangelista and Teodoro Jr Boaquin together with no less than the top 4 millionaire of Vmobile Gerrard Gallego had a meeting with Ismael Bengco III CEO-Vmobile at Marco Polo Hotel Cebu.

  • I am so happy to find out that Ismael Bengco III – CEO of Vmobile actually made a testimonial about me and my partners Teodoro Jr Boaquin and Omeng Castro of how we made a break when we where doing LX RAP and earned so much out of 20 and 50 pesos endorsement fee.

  • hello, this is rose, just want to ask if you hv office here in cebu, coz im interested with vmobile. but i just want to make it sure that i understand the all categories…its the vmobile provide bells payment for sky cable and dream satellite or etc….pls email me to help me understand..then i wl registered with vmobile…

    from rose